What’s the World Without A Little (Zombie) Love?

One of my brother’s favourite stories about me has to do with my absolute laziness when it comes to going to the shops when there’s no food in the house. He came home one evening to find me hunched over my laptop, a half-empty plate of undistinguishable mess on the table beside me.

“What did you have for dinner?” my brother asked, ever-concerned that I wasn’t feeding myself properly.

I barely glanced up from my laptop, intent on writing. “There was nothing to eat, so I invented this kidney bean and rice thing.”

“Oh? How was it?”

A frown crossed my face. I looked up. “Weird. It was really weird.”

(Somehow my successful experiments — like the sausage & avocado scrambled eggs — never get mentioned. Figures.)

What does this have to do with zombies, you ask?

I’d like to present to you my latest release:

Introducing Hungry For You, a haunting speculative fiction short story collection.

This is the result of hours of experimentation in the kitchen living room with only two ingredients: zombies, and relationships.

Are you curious to discover the results? Trust me, it tastes better than kidney beans.

EDIT: Grab a copy today from Kindle (US) or Kindle (UK)! (Other retailers to follow.)

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