Hungry for… PRINT!

It’s here! And it’s on sale from pretty much anywhere you can think of!

Author? Who, me?

Words cannot explain how odd it is to find my (print) book on sale around the web. In fact, since pictures are worth a thousand words, here’s an apt photo of me from Halloween a couple years back, looking as dazed and confused as I feel now.

(I was a zombie nurse; it was really cool.)

I want to thank everyone for their encouragement so far. Publishing Hungry For You has been an incredibly rewarding experience and it wouldn’t have been half as fun without you guys.

Insider info: the print version of Hungry For You contains some exciting new stuff not included in the ebook, including three extra short stories, an insightful author afterword, and a story by fellow 1889 Labs author MCM. Not to mention the really cool design tweaks!

Oh, yeah. The print version also contains a silly typo I was too late to correct. Oops? I hereby promise that anyone who finds said typo and emails me about it with their postal address, will get a rambling postcard from yours truly. I’ll even give you a hint: the typo is in one of the three new stories not included in the ebook version.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab YOUR print copy today to help keep that confused expression on my face: || || || Barnes & Nobles || Book Depository || Chapter’s || Powell’s… and many more.

6 thoughts on “Hungry for… PRINT!

    • It’s all based on book length and size. 1889 Labs showed me the numbers of how much profit I’d get per book and what I’d need to break even, and then I picked a price based off of that. I figured $7 for a short story collection was a good price!

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