The Game is Up! (In Belgium, At Least.)

As mentioned on the 1889 blog and Ergofiction, my fellow 1889 Labs author MCM will livewrite a novel in three days — or die trying.

MCM will sit before a live audience in the Vooruit Café for 44 hours, with the intention of writing an entire novel in that time, all the while incorporating audience suggestions into the story. This insane stunt will be performed at The Game Is Up! festival in Ghent, Belgium from March 24 until March 26.

(What, you say? You’ve no idea what livewriting is? Too bad. I totally didn’t write a post about it last November.)

And guess what? I’m travelling to Belgium so that I can be there the whole time, and get the chance to point and laugh to MCM’s face!

So if you’re in the area be sure to drop by and say hello. And if you’re not, remember that you’ll be able to follow all the insanity — as well as throw in your own suggestions — over on the 3D1D website.

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