Blog Tour de Force: 1 Week to Go!

Less than 4 days until the Blog Tour de Force begins, and exactly one week until it’s my day to kick some ass!

You may have noticed I’ve added a bunch of sponsors logos to the sidebar — these are all the lovely people who’ve pitched in to help promote Hungry For You on the day, so much love and kudos to them.

My date on the tour is April 21. I’m going to be posting here and giving away loads of ebook copies, with some other extra-exciting secret goodies up for grabs, too! So make sure to stop by and drop a comment on the blog — which will also enter you into the overall blog tour prize draw for a Kindle.

It’s pretty exciting to be taking part in this all, and the hype has made me really appreciate the lovely book bloggers who go out of their way to promote indie authors. One such book blogger has gone as far as to make a video trailer for the blog tour! Cue video:

In other news, I’ve started up a tiny, very under construction directory of indie book bloggers to help showcase these wonderful people.

Further exciting news is that I am now officially the Editor-in-Chief of 1889 Labs, which means I get to crack my whip and commission exciting projects and just generally run around and get my way.

So yes, this is my happy face. :-)

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