Welcome to Webfiction World!

Because I am insane and like to take on more projects than I can handle, I am now involved in a brand new venture: a podcast.

Introducing Webfiction World!

Myself and my publisher sidekick MCM are co-hosting a podcast dedicated exclusively to the joys, wonders and intricacies of online fiction. We’re both staunch supporters of indie publishing and the Creative Commons movement, and generally enjoy insulting each other while hopefully being informative.

Two episodes are up so far:

Each episode is roughly an hour long, with updates expected bi-monthly. The full archives will be permanently available here.

So if you write, read, or would like to know more about online fiction, swing over to Webfiction World and listen to our pearls of wisdom!

p.s. If you’re a webfiction author and would like to be featured, check out my call for submissions on Web Fiction Guide.

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