Changes Afoot On Qazyfiction

Despite my recent endeavours in promoting webfiction through an online podcast, I’ve rather shamefully let my own webfiction projects slide into obscurity.

That’s right. Some of you may have dim memories of, my online fiction website where I serialised my first novel, Above Ground. It also features the start of the sequel, Between Worlds.

The last six months have seen no new updates on Qazyfiction.

It’s embarrassing, I know.

I’ve come to realise I’m not entirely suited to serial publication. Or better yet: unless I want to drive my readers insane with unpredictable update schedules, I need to have a large portion of the story written before I begin posting.

Why? Because I don’t write a story sequentially. I post chapters 1-3 online, then I get excited and write chapter 13, then I scribble out a brilliant chapter 37 which makes me realise that the dog needs to die in chapter 8 and the cat is identified as the killer in chapter 19, and THEN I’m all of a sudden two weeks behind schedule with no chapter 4 in sight.

If I had my way, I’d write chapter 4 last, but I have to post it before I can post all my brilliant dog/cat murder mystery chapters, and so I push out a mediocre chapter 4 which I utterly resent. Then I start hating the story and it all goes down the drain.

So here’s a new plan which will spare me the scheduling anxieties and you the moaning of an erratic author:

1. Write a story for online serial publication.
2. Begin posting the story upon completion.

The wheels are already in motion:

I’m working on a brand new revised and expanded edition of Above Ground, which will follow three characters’ struggle for survival. It’ll begin posting mid-September.

I’m getting 1889 Labs to design a cover and ebook/print edition, meaning I’ll be able to test out the serial+ business model – I’m very curious to track those results!

Lastly, in the next few days, I’m launching a new website which will make everything prettier. All old story content will be unavailable from then on, but that’s no great loss.

So changes are afoot on Qazyfiction!

Exciting times lie ahead.

8 thoughts on “Changes Afoot On Qazyfiction

  1. I’m so excited. I can’t wait, this is one of my favorite serials online.

    What is the serial+ business model. It sounds familiar but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was.

    • I think MCM coined the term serial+ (or maybe I imagined that) — basically, you serialise a story, but also offer readers the chance to “upgrade” and buy the full ebook/print copy if they become impatient.

      The new Above Ground has something like 40+ chapters, so with weekly updates it’ll take just under a year to serialise. But readers will be able to go to Smashwords/Amazon and buy the whole thing, whenever they want.

  2. I’ve never been fussed on the updating schedule because I know that whatever you publish online will be worth the wait. :)

    That said, I’d best squirrel away the funds to allow me to buy ahead of time, because I will be too impatient to wait, knowing that it is all written and hiding behind a “publish”button!

    Ultimately, everyone who publishes online in any way needs to set their own schedule, which should be understandable because we all have lives in the real world too. And lets face it, quality takes time

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