Hungry For You: Week 1

Kindle forums joined: 2
Book bloggers emailed: 32
Promotional postcards sent: 1/60
Books sold: 24
Chocolate consumed: 600g
Alcohol units consumed: 12
Interviews: 1
Reviews: 0
Embarrassingly large photos of my face: 1

Hungry For You launched a week ago and so far it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. I go from loving the book, to wondering why I ever unleashed it on the world (and charged people money for it — the cheek of me!). Then I skim through the book and realize that actually, I’m pretty happy with it.

I haven’t sold a heck of a lot of books in this first week, but considering that I have no reviews yet and haven’t done much in terms of promo, I’m pretty pleased to be averaging on more than one copy a day. As book reviews begin to trickle in, I expect to see a boost on sales — and hopefully the exciting Valentine’s Day tie-in MCM is planning will create some buzz.

Speaking of MCM, he’s promised me a cookie if I get to 25 sales, and keeps holding the number over my head like a bully. So if one of you could be so kind as to grab a copy (from Kindle or Smashwords) then I will take a photo of myself with a suitably large cookie and laugh in MCM’s face. (If I get to 50, I’m open to taking photo requests.)

On the topic of photos, that mysteriously large photo I mentioned in the round up? It’s over on 1889 Labs, where MCM interviewed me about HFU and asked some silly questions about socks and zombies. Go check it out.

10 thoughts on “Hungry For You: Week 1

  1. Hey, I’m in the first 24 to buy the book. Do I get a prize? (I understand if it’s a cheap prize, since you’re only at 24 books sold right now, but I’m positive that there will be many more than that buying as they hear of it.)

    I am loving it. What a unique and quirky story theme!

      • lol! Don’t worry, I’m only kidding about the prize. :) Seriously, this story collection is so awesome for the price. I’m glad you’re trying your hand at self publishing, and I’ll be happy to get the word out.

        (But not right now, I’m reading!)

  2. I keep meaning to review, I really do, and I feel bad for not getting around to it yet. This last week has been a swamp of 6th birthday celebrations for our oldest. Maybe I’ll get some energy back soon! You get to be my ‘H’ for the challenge ;-)

    • 6th birthday parties? *shudders* I went to one and felt as exhausted as if I’d been fighting off a horde of the undead. Little kids have FAR too much energy!

  3. WHOO!!! I love that you’re keeping track! And 24 books in your first week?!? You are kicking AMAZING amounts of ass, you gorgeous, stunning girl! <3 I am so happy for you!! You're incredible!

    You just keep doing what you're doing, and you're going to be a best seller before long–because you are an amazing writer and you deserve every success in the world! <3

  4. That’s great. It sounds like you did a lot of work to get those sales, and that work paid off. I hadn’t thought of sending postcards, and I’m still working on my list of book reviewers and bloggers. Did you get the 25th sale or did I miss the update on that?

    Well, you definitely provide some inspiration. I’m planning to release my book, Belvoir, next week under the name S.A. Huggins. It’s a little different from your zombies. Wish me luck.

    S.A. Huggins

    • Completely forgot to do the 25th sale update, so thanks for reminding me! The postcards are fun ways to repay people eg reviewers and others, and I also sometimes leave some around in cafes etc with a link to a free download. I figure it can’t hurt!

      Hope you book release is going well, and thanks for your comment :-)

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