Guest fiction: The Second Kiss by Jan Oda

_Author’s Note: Anna didn’t know who Kathleen Woodiwiss was, so I decided to try and write her some fanfiction in a similar style. Expect some purple prose, frail and torn dresses, and probably a whole lot of non-canonness :)_


#### The Second Kiss by Jan Oda

Lilith leaned on the balcony and sighed. It was a cool night, but the breeze that pressed her gown against her body felt nice on her skin. It helped clear her mind. She liked the wind, the fresh air all around her. And at night, the sky was less frightening, like she was underground again. A life she could never go back to…. Her stomach tensed, but she refused to let her mind embrace the memories. The night was too peaceful for that. Lilith looked at the stars.

She should get some decent sleep. After all, when was the last time she had experienced a night like this? Without immediate danger? No need to run away? Nothing to be scared of? It must have been back home. So she really should enjoy this peace and quiet and go to bed.

He had kissed her.

It hadn’t been the perfect moment, he hadn’t said the perfect words — in fact, she still wasn’t sure if he’d said anything at all — and yet it had almost been a perfect kiss. Had they not been interrupted. But disaster had followed her as usual, they had had to run again, and now he wouldn’t even speak to her any more. Not in his usual less-is-more grumpy way, but in an I-loathe-the-ground-you-walk-on way.

And yet she yearned for his touch, his hands upon her body, his breath across her skin. She yearned for his approval. She wanted him to be pleased with her, to want her.

_I want him to kiss me again._

She sighed, her hands trembling slightly. This was stupid. He obviously didn’t want her, and she didn’t want him either. Stupid, stubborn man.

Then she saw a lonely figure walking into the park, and her heart fluttered. Before she knew it she had run down the stairs and outside, the grass cool under her feet. She didn’t realise the moonlight made her dress slightly see-through as she ran after him. Panting, she came to a halt when she found him, staring at the lake.

“Silver, I–”

“You felt you hadn’t made this day bad enough yet?” Silver’s ice-cold voice hit Lilith like an avalanche.

“What have I done?” Her voice sounded small, but Silver didn’t answer. He just kept staring at the lake, his shoulders stiff, anger radiating out of his body.

“Silver? I saw you walking away, and I thought–”

Silver turned around snarling and shoved her so she stumbled backwards against a tree.

“You thought? You _thought_? Do you ever think Lilith? Did you think what it would do to me when you decided to make me your packmate? Did you think about the consequences? Do you have any idea how it feels to fight this claim you have on me? How it feels to cave into the urge and kiss someone you detest? To kiss someone against your will?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose! Do you think I want to be kissed by an obnoxious, arrogant beast?!” Lilith’s voice rose, anger overtaking the initial shock of his rebuffal. How dare he!

Silver raged on as if she hadn’t spoken at all, as if she weren’t pushing against his chest with all her might. “Do you know how it feels to wake up filled with the lust to kiss the one person you hate the most? The person who has taken over your brain? Someone who’s controlling your every thought so I can only think about kissing you?”

“I… I didn’t mean to.” Lilith tried to fight back the tears welling in her eyes. He hated her. He never wanted to kiss her. It wasn’t real. She had fooled herself, thinking he wanted her like she wanted him.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better? That you didn’t mean to? That you were simply being ignorant? You are such an arrogant and stupid, stupid girl.” Silver slammed his hand into the tree, caging her between his arms.

“I hate this,” Silver mumbled, and then his lips crushed hers in a furious mock of a kiss. Her shoulders pressed painfully into the tree bark behind her back. She tried to push him away, but her hands on his chest eloped to caress his bare shoulders and his neck. She couldn’t not kiss him back. Bury her hands in his hair, pull him closer. He stroked down her side, down her thigh, pulled her leg up. With a low grunt he lifted her and pushed her against the three, ripping her frail gown. He devoured her.

Lilith trembled with the sensation of his body pushing her against the tree, his groin grinding against hers, his teeth biting her lower lip, his tongue playing with hers. Inside, a fire was building, and her skin burned like it had never before. She couldn’t help but moan.

He froze. Lilith buried her hands deeper into his hair, but he pulled back nevertheless. He looked down at her, his grey eyes dark and empty.

“Curse you.”

Lilith tumbled to the ground, half-heartedly trying to close her gown, while she watched him disappear into the woods.


_Many thanks to Jan Oda for writing this short ficlet._

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