Above Ground: The Return

Guess who’s back… back again.

AG’s back. Tell a friend.

Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s copying song lyrics shamelessly….

You heard it. Above Ground has begun posting again! Long time no see, I know. New updates will come every Tuesday at midnight London time (which is Mondays at 7pm New York time — you work out your own time zone if needed).

First off thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your support and would never have gotten this far without awesome readers.

The GOOD news is it’s going to be a lot better than it was originally. I think that’s already clear from the first chapter, even though Chapter 1 hasn’t changed too much from the original.

The BAD news is that I haven’t finished the rewrite yet, so can’t jump straight into the serial+ model as planned. I blame it on a number of factors, including: lots of 1889 editing work (boo), extended summer holidays (yay!), writer’s laziness (boo), new boyfriend (yay!)… and more besides.

I know, I’m lame. Eugh. However, I’m thinking of offering a compromise: for anyone willing to stump up $20, I’ll give you the chapters as they’re ready (meaning ahead of posting schedule), plus an individualised ebook when it comes out, plus a print book (shipping included). Haven’t worked out the details 100% yet, but that’s the general gist.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions etc welcome.

4 thoughts on “Above Ground: The Return

  1. Yay, shall have to sit down and try and spot the changes. ;D

    I’m interested in the whole $20 thing, but that is quite a lot things you’re offering for price.

    • What, you think too much or too little?

      My calculation was as follows: I expect the ebook will be around $3-4, and the print in the $10 range. Add another $5 or so roughly to cover the costs of shipping, and the “chapters ahead of time” is a free bonus. It doesn’t really cost much (other than time) to personalise an ebook by writing/scanning a dedication, so….

      I’d considered asking for $25 but I don’t want to seem like I’m taking the piss!

      • Seems a lot for a little money in my eyes, idk.
        Probably me treating the pound as being stronger against the dollar than it currently is.

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